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School is practically here! Can you believe it? It's glorious.
Don't you worry your little pants though, the Student Film Association has a lot of fun things planned for this school year. So while you're desperately trying to cram summer into these last few days by changing your hair or living in a different time zone there are a few things you should count on preparing for:
1. Be excited
Not only are you in the funnest program at BYU but also, we have the second oldest film school in the country.
2. Get Involved
If you have friends, you've probably noticed that everything works better as a team. So make some pals in the program, get out of the apartment and force yourself to work on as many projects as you can.
3. Be Open (especially to criticism)
You will encounter movies with uncomfortable messages, different personality types and criticism on your projects. Expect to learn from these experiences and it will be that much better for you.

Can't wait to see you and enjoy the ride!!
SFA Council

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