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Hey Guys!

Sorry it has been a couple weeks without any updates. We have been busy planning out this next semester. We did want to let you know about a great opportunity coming up this next week. For our Thursday forum, we will be having a special faculty forum. It will be a special question and answer session with a panel of our film faculty. We will namely be discussing the topic: How can we weave our values and faith into our film professions?

The faculty has requested that we send our questions in ahead of time so they can properly prepare for the discussion. There are two ways to go about doing that:

1. Email Kyle Stapley ( with a question. Make sure to put "Forum Question" in the subject box.

2. Send a text message containing your question to (801) 997-OTMA

This is going to be a great forum, so make sure you are there!

SFA Council

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