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Thank you everyone who made our second student film showcase a success!

Come to our Forum tomorrow!!

At this week's SFA sponsored forum, we'll be showing the following films:
"One Day" - a 13 minute Documentary about Jerusalem by Kyle Welch and Tonya Johnson
"Sadie Hawkins" - a 185 fiction piece by Jordan Blake

“We feel strongly that both of these films will be valuable for film students to see. We also want to help the filmmakers get as much feedback about their work as possible. All of the SFA-led forums up to this point have been great experiences for all in attendance, so we hope that more of the Media Arts students will take advantage of this monthly opportunity to engage in positive discussions about student work.”
Jordan Petersen, SFA President

Everyone is welcome. Join us in 260 of the Museum of Art.

Oppurtunity for fame and success!
From Theo Harris:

"Hey I am looking for someone to construct a ski film for me and some athletes. We are willing to pay some money, and you can be our marketing rep. Let me know if you or anyone wants to do it. My number is 630 2971345. Let me know asap. Thanks!"

This is a great opportunity for a lot of reasons, and I've talked to Theo personally about this, so I know that there is even potential for future paid work. Any film students who are looking for paid experience should jump on this one. You'll find his phone number above, and his email is:

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