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Announcement #1:

Helen Whitney
Award -winning Documentarian
Forum and Screening, Forgiveness
February 18th, 2010
Forum: 11:00- 12:00 pm Film: 3:00-5:30 pm
MOA Auditorium F-201 HFAC

This is going to be really good. Please come!!

Announcement #2

SFA Presents...II!

Friday, 7pm
Tanner Building 151

In January, we discovered that the room we chose was not nearly big enough, but everyone who was able to cram in had a great time, despite the technical difficulties, and despite the small space. They had a great time because the films were great.

This month, we want to show you a whole new set of student films that meet that standard. And to make the whole thing even better, we've resolved the technical issues we had the first time around and even moved into a much bigger room.

Here's are the films we've selected to show this month, listed in alphabetical order:

- "Impact" by Mark Lewis
- "Man of the Cloth" by Bryce Gandy
- "Medicine Man" by Davey Morrison
- "Richard and the Bats" by Teresa DeVictoria
- "The Space Between" by Keros Lowder
- "Spit" by Michael Van Orden
- "Staying and Going" by Joel Ackerman
- Various Commercials by Andy Brimhall, A. Todd Smith, and Nathan Wigglesworth

There will also be a couple of surprises, so expect to see a couple of things that aren't on that list.

You can buy tickets for a buck each at the Wilk Info desk (if you've never been there, it's kitty-corner to the Jamba Juice in the Wilkinson Student Center).

Announcement #3


Imagine sharing your video online with an instant jump-start of 1,000 views and rating from other local filmmakers you know and respect.

Imagine your work rising above the You Tube barrier to influence millions of people ALL FOR FREE.

IFPN is a Private Facebook group based on one simple idea: You Post, We Click, the World Sees, and come what may.
Search for IFPN on Facebook, or Contact Randall McNair @ citrusavenger@gmail.com, or look in your facebook group invites, chances are you've already been invited.

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it was a great show! thanks for putting it on!

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