Mr. Dungbeetle Re-schedule

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Hey guys!

Apologies about our Mr. Dungbeetle screening falling through this last Saturday. Due to some scheduling conflict with another group for that room, we got ousted. However, the good news is that we have re-scheduled a screening for January 20th in the Varsity Theater. Keep checking back here to our blog for more updates are for sure to follow. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

On a similar note, if you are interested in purchasing a DVD, click here and express your interest. Hopes are that if we can get enough people to say they want a copy, the production company will do a limited release!

Also, if you are interested in donating to help out Catey Smith Werner, contact us at and we will help you be able to do so. Thanks!

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Heidi Brooke said...

In the varsity or the crabtree? Facebook event says crabtree, this says varsity...

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