The Beginning

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Hello Film Friends!!

Quick Update as we all seem to be highly busy with film making this week.

Thank you to all who attended our forum! We heard from President Petersen and met the rest of the council, as well as some inspiring words from Joel Ackerman.

We also screened Phil Goodwin's film
Pyramid Scheme and had a discussion afterward that was most delightful.

Come to our First Thursday Forums! We will be watching movies and having fun. Which are things you guys can't pretend you don't like.

A Showcase of Student Films

is starting THIS FRIDAY (the 11th) with a screening of Nocturnus

Come to see this very high quality film by Jordan Augustine.

Also, join our facebook group for exciting new updates!!

In other, none SFA sponsered news, Joel Ackerman is having A Holiday Affair to fundraise for his upcoming 419. Please come and to support him and have a classy good time.

hugs and kisses and good luck with finals and everything you're working on (that hopefully you will send to us to screen when you're finished!)


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